Sofia Rain

First Impressions

I´m left feeling absolutely certain that Sofia Rain has a fantastic body that I will happily stroke it to in her member´s area. A big part of that is her sizable perky tits but her waist is tight and her ass is hot so she puts together a very nice all around package. She also has these incredibly plump lips that are easy to imagine wrapped around a certain part of my anatomy. The tour is good about offering lots of small preview pictures and the tease video is a tempting thing that´s worth a look if you´re keen on what this boner-inducing babe does for the guys that pay.

Hot Promises

There are promises of great beauty and sexuality made all over the Sofia Rain website and one look at her should convince you that she can keep those. More concrete promises include regular updates to keep the site fresh, webcam shows, high resolution photos and videos, a slideshow feature, iPod formats for the videos, bonus content and her personal email address to keep in contact with her. The latest updates are listed on the tour but they´re suspiciously free of actual dates and that´s typically a bad sign when it comes to the site getting fresh additions.


The member´s area looks the same as the tour so you´ll be familiar as soon as you log in. Along the top you´ll find the navigation bar with links to the photos, videos and bonus area. On the main page she lists the three wallpapers that were designed for the site, the most recently added picture and video sets and a few ads for other sites.

Sofia Rain no longer updates her site and probably hasn´t in two years. That tends to happen with solo girls so it´s not a huge surprise and with the bonus sites it´s not a huge problem either. She has 54 picture galleries available to you and they´re listed 9 to a page with a preview image and a short description of the action. You can download the zip file from the preview page or get into the gallery and enjoy the full sized images. Some images display at 1600px and others at 1000px. There´s no indication of the size until you´re actually clicking on the full pictures.

There are 36 videos available for streaming or download. They´re also displayed 9 to a page with a preview picture and a description. From that display page you can download the video in WMV, AVI or MP4 and you can stream in WMV, which is wholly unsatisfying. The highest quality clips are the AVIs and they play at 2400kbps and 720x480. The MP4s are meant for your iPod so they´re low resolution.

As far as I know Sofia Rain isn´t a famous pornstar that happened to establish an official site. I looked around and found no indication that she had ever done anything but this site. I was curious because she´s more like a pornstar than most solo girls. She has plump, sexy lips and a big set of titties that are implants. Her blonde hair is gorgeous and typically teased out in that glamorous and arousing manner. Plus, she has lots of content where she hooks up with girls and a few sets where she gets wild with guys so she behaves a lot like a pornstar. For those reasons her site is fairly unique.

The picture galleries are a series of reasons to whip out your dick and jerk off. There isn´t a single gallery where she pulls back and refuses to get naughty or wears something demure that covers up her splendid sexiness. Instead every new set is a chance to turn you on with her hotness. She models lingerie that will blow your mind. If she puts on a dress it´s guaranteed to be revealing, naughty and totally hot. She strips from whatever she´s wearing in each set and sometimes plays with her pussy or fucks it with toys. Sometimes she just spreads her legs and lets you dream of entering the wet hole with your manhood.

I love that she gets kinky with some of her outfit choices. There are at least three where she puts on a latex outfit and gets naughty on camera. The latex catsuit is particularly tempting. There´s a light bondage gallery that shows her wearing a collar and her legs being tied. She only does one hardcore set on the site but she managed to make a video and a picture gallery of it. She wears sexy black lingerie and hooks up with a dude that wants a blowjob and a fuck. She sucks his cock dutifully and then he bangs her, including some hot action from behind. It´s a shame she only did one scene because she´s great at it.

Her lesbian content is remarkably arousing. She goes all out with her girlfriends. You´ll see them making out, touching each other in tremendously sexy ways and eating pussy. They finger and use dildos too. In both pictures and videos she really does a great job of being a lesbian pornstar and her friend are more than willing to play along. Some of the girls she hooks up with are notable so keep your eyes peeled for the babes.

Her solo videos are tasty sets where she does all she can to turn you on. That frequently means fucking her pussy with toys and fingers and it always means wearing something gorgeous. Her stripteases are even more impressive than in the pictures because you can see her erotic movements. Some girls understand how to do that and Sofia is unquestionably one of them. She just gets what she´s supposed to do to turn a man on. That makes her movie clips tremendously entertaining.

The live cam shows her promised are obviously not happening anymore if they ever were. She hasn´t been around to shoot new content in a long time so forget about those. There are 10 bonus sites included and they do a tremendous job of filling out the membership and providing value. Three of the sites are for solo girls of varying looks. One of those girls does plenty of hardcore content. The other seven sites mix in all kinds of stuff. You have teenage chicks fucking pussies with dildos and a whole site about hard anal sex with young ladies. With the bonus content you get a taste of everything.

Croco´s Opinion

Sofia Rain leaves me impressed and aroused. She has a great body and a great understanding of what it takes to turn men on. That comes through best in the videos where she takes the challenging of seducing you very seriously. She really brings the pleasure in them. The site includes one hardcore set and a nice collection of girl-girl action, including plenty of pussy eating videos. It´s a shame that she doesn´t update anymore because 54 picture galleries and 36 videos isn´t the most impressive collection. The 10 bonus sites jump in to help out there though and the site then has value. If Sofia turns you on and you want more of her then you´ll feel good about a membership.


Browsing is easy and there´s more than enough information provided about all the content sets to make choosing the ones you love simple.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.95 for 30 days and $65.95 for 90 days.

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